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  • Janpan Fuji customer visiting

    東莞臺機の溫かい歓迎をありがとうございました、私は最初に特化した原料メーカーであることができ、この協力に大変嬉しく思います。その磁気クラッチは、ブレーキは完璧に、テストを通過する必要があると私たちの要件を満たすため、當社の機器に適用。 また、東莞臺機サービスが良い、面白いコラボです!

  • India customer Visting

    Here are our India customer with our manager Lee.Welcome to our factory and thanks for your trust.

  • Russia customer visiting

    Они Россия клиентов с нашим менеджером по продажам Lee.Thank вам большое за вашу поддержку наших продуктов и профессиональной команды, чтобы помочь you.welcome на наш завод снова.

  • Tunisia customer visiting

    Picture shows our Tunisia customer with our foreign trade specialist Jallen Liu.He can personally visit our factory to inspect and communication which we were pleasantly surprised and honored. Thank you very much for the trust and support of our factory.

  • Pakistan customer visiting

    They are our senior engineer,Pakistani customers, Foreign Trade Department Sales Manager. In order to produce products to meet customers, we have the size and the parameters are all aspects of professional analysis and verification. Professional services impressed our customer,then we happily started the first cooperation.

  • Austrilia customer visiting

    Thank you very much to visit our factory, face to face professional exchange, increasing our mutual trust, we are a qualified real professional manufacturers.That is really a nice meeting.


Your choice, my commitment to the secret brand brake clutch

About us
Secret drive magnetic powder clutch, magnetic brake manufacturer established in 2005, is located in the Heroes - Humen Town, Dongguan City, Village. The Division has over ten years of independent research and development, production technology and advanced production and testing equipment, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of high precision industrial machinery transmission equipment ......
Supplier assessment Certification CE Certification of RV reducer of motor CE Certification of dc motor
  • Ms.ZhouName: Sandra
    Foreign sales departement
    Responsibilities:Treatment inquiry,responsible for pricing, contracts.
  • Mr.WeiName: Owen
    Foreign sales departement
    Responsibilities:Maintaining customer,follow up orders, contact forwarding
  • Ms.HuangName: Stacey
    Foreign sales departement
    Responsibilities: Solve customer problems sale
  • Mr.ZhuName: May
    Foreign sales departement
    Responsibilities: network platform maintenance

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    1. Input shft connects to cone disc and then rotates the flange disc.2.By turnin...

      Secret drive brand
      Contact: Miss Yang
      Mobile: 18925402950
      Tel :0769 -85723598-804
      Toll-free hotline -680-6056
      Fax :0769 - 85704468
      E-mail :
      Address: Humen Town , Dongguan City , New , Suntec Road , Union Village, No. 4


      Want to experience the "free trial for 15 days, one year warranty, 3 months replacement" service force? Would you like to have a smooth operation, no vibration, no impact, no noise "transmission parts do?
      Hope the transmission parts of the plant response agile fast and thermal structure, suitable for high frequency operation use it?
      I hope the factory transmission parts CNC precision manufacturing, good linearity, fast response?