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Dongguan Taiji Speed Reducer Clutch Co., Ltd (referred to as the secret drive) was established in 2005, is located in the hero's Village. The company is a professional manufacturer of a variety of high-precision transmission equipment magnetic clutch, magnetic brakes, electromagnetic clutch, worm reducer, gear motors, geared motors and other equipment manufacturers. After years of unremitting efforts, and dedicated professionalism of all employees in the conventional general-purpose products to new product development, product variety has in excess of more than a thousand species, the company set up to start, has always been "diligence, honesty, the letter" spirit of enterprise culture to win customers for their support of the community and trust, creating a the secret card magnetic clutch quality products in all wide industry establish a good image.
The company has a wealth of Taiwan professional design and manufacturing experience, combined with imports of machinery and processing equipment, excellence, customer and the service: enterprise operating the success rely on the is recognized by the degree of the customers you, we are willing to also have the ability to mobilize all our resources to win customerthe trust, we will be continuing with higher product performance and quality, the market reaction speed faster, stronger cost control ability, for the success of our customers and efforts.
We adhere to any company established organization, processes, systems have to be built to provide customers with better service basis. We emphasize teamwork, the leader has the responsibility to establish and maintain trust and understanding between team members, organize, inspire and guide team members despite the difficulties, to achieve their goals, is the basic duty of the leader, the leader should be for their own and their subordinates behavior. A good leader should lead by example and safeguard the interests and values​​, we believe that honesty, the attitude of frankness and mutual respect is not only conducive to communication and collaboration between internal, but also conducive with our customers, suppliers and we have Contact enterprises to establish long-term relationship.
Your choice, my commitment to the secret brand electromagnetic brake, magnetic clutch, worm reducer!