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TJ-POD-A magnetic powder brake
  • TJ-POD-A magnetic powder brake
  • Brand Name:Tianji
    Model Number:TJ-POD-A
Order Hotline:18925402950
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The magnetizing current has a relationship with torque

The transmission torque has a linear relationship with the magnetizing current. The size of the torque can get controlled within larger range. Under normal circumstance, the magnetizing current has a linear relationship with transitive torque within range of 5%-100% rated torque.

Stable slip torque

The slip rotational speed between driven rotor and active rotor do not affect the transitive torque when the magnetizing current retain constant. That is to say, the static friction torque and the dynamic friction torque have no difference. Therefore, the torque can retain constant stably. The featuers are applied to tension control, users can control the tension of the roll material effectively as long as regulating the magnetizing current accurately.

Prevention of the phenomenon of heat since slip

The friction part will generate heat inevitably or even destroyed when it keep continuous sliding. But this device has a complete cooling set, it will not generate a lot of heat after long time running and it has a long service life.


Due to the features of the magnetic powder clutch and brake, they have been widely used in paper making, printing , plastic items, rubber industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing, wire and cable, metallurgy industry and tension control of winding and unwinding in roll material processing industry.


Don’t overload, meanwhile cool to appropriate temperature

The value of the torque/rotational speed/slip power should be less than the rated value. The cooling mode(natural cooling/forced air cooling/water cooling) should depend on the maximum slip power when it works and the cooling air should pass the water and oil filter. The temperature detector and the alarm should be installed to prevent high temperature which can affect the service life of the magnetic powder.(the highest temperature is 80 degree)

Concerning the service life

The life of the magnetic powder clutch and brake rely on the life of the magnetic powder. Generally speaking, its service life is 4500-7500hours in the state of non overloaded; but its service life can extend several times in some cases, such as: the working torque of the magnetic powder clutch/brake,relative slip rotational speed and slip power can be reduced to 50%-70% of the rated value. This is to say, the margin can be enlarged as soon as possible when designing.

Concerning the torque

After the magnetic powder clutch and brake working, the magnetic powder will be in grinding at the beginning which leads to the torque decreasing slightly, but the gap can be compensated through adjustment the current.

Product superiority

1. CNC precision manufacturing, high accuracy, fine machining , good linearity, and superior performance.
2. Magnetic powder purity, without black toner, stable performance, and long life.
3. Aluminum alloy structure, excellent thermal performance, good demagnetization, fast response.
4. Smooth running, no vibration, no impact, no noise when in  starting, running, braking state.

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