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FLO/FLW Flange safety chuck
  • FLO/FLW Flange safety chuck
  • Brand Name:Tianji
    Model Number:TJ-FLO/FLW
    Max load:7000kg
    Max torque:2350Nm
    Reel size:22-80mm
Order Hotline:18925402950
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Standard safety chucks provide economic and easy to install, the design, and for the transmission links, such as frequent moves from the provision of fast,Security, and indeed simple and from the operation of the shaft. Moreover, the transmission part of the security chuck size can be based on customer specifications machinery.Specifications and characteristics of the design and manufacturing. The rigid structure of merit, can withstand high torque, and secure the loose in the rotation without worry.


1. The safety is a coupling which can make the operating mechanism requiring connection of drive and breaking away from action works more fast, more accurate, more simple and more safety.

2.The mouth of chuck utilize thr special heat treatment to extend service life greatly.

3.All critical dimension of the chuck is processed by the machining center and  CNC machining to ensure positioning accuracy.


flange type/pillow type safety chuck


safety chuck 1

Safety chucks (FLWFLO)

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