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TJ-C Internal bearing-type electromagnetic clutch
  • TJ-C Internal bearing-type electromagnetic clutch
  • Brand Name:Tianji
    Model Number:TJ-C
    Static Friction Torque 0.55 / 1.1 / 2.2 / 4.5 / 9 / 20 / 40kgm
    Dynamic Friction Torque 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 18 / 35 kgm
    Power:11 15 20 25 35 45 60 w
    Voltage:DC 24v
Order Hotline:18925402950
Product Details

Special features

1. Fast response. Dry design means instant reaction to commands.

2. Durability. Excellent heat dissipation and quality materials mean long life, even under high frequency and high performance conditions.

3. Easy to install and maintain. Sealed bearing race eliminates the need for removal of the center core. No dust brush is needed, and operation is simper and easier.

4. No adjustment of the motor. The motor is designed so that it does not need adjustment of the friction surface, and once it is installed only very minor adjustments are needed.

5. Sure motion. One-piece plate will not slip even under the strongest vibration for longer life.

6. Adjustable torque. Torque levels can be increased or decreased by changing the current, making it suitable for a variety of applications.


1. Packing and wrapping system: packing machines, strapping machines, wrapping machinery.

2. Textile machinery: fiber twisters, treatment machines, weaving machines.

3. Metal finishing systems: extruders, wire stretchers, presses, welders, steel wire reactors, cutters, pipe makers, wire winding machines

4. Machine tool systems: laths, millers, steel extruders, CNC lathes, specialized machinery.

5. Transportation equipment: hoists, feeders, conveyors, rollers, winders.

6. Paper-making systems: bad-making machines, box-making machines, slitters, book-making machinery, cutters, copy paper machines.

7. Printing systems: conveyors and in-feeders.

8. Wood working systems: saws, wood-working machines, laminators.

9. Office equipment: electronic copy machines, calculators, fax machines, coin counters, printers.

10. Testing systems: lab machines, durability testers, measuring systems.

11. Food processing systems: meat cutting machines, coolie making machines, canning machines, noodle making machines.

12. Others: speed reducer, electroplating machinery, physics and chemistry machines, paper making machines, pulp processing machines.

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